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Security Best Practices

Social Media Tips
  • Don’t input, store, or post personal or sensitive information on social media platforms.
  • Exercise good judgement!  Once you post, that information has been seen by others and in some cases cannot be retracted.  Filter what is posted about you and by whom by requiring permission before posts become visible. 
  • Be cautious with information sharing.  Maintain your personal privacy settings on social media systems and do not allow any personally identifiable information to become visible to others.
  • Change passwords regularly, use a complex pas
Notify UCLA of spam or other electronic abuse involving UCLA systems (particularly of UCLA email addresses ending in or submit a copyright-infringement claim to UCLA.
Staff, faculty and students have a legal obligation to protect the confidentiality of information and play a crucial role in UCLA’s efforts to ensure protection of information.
UCLA Policy 401 requires that electronic devices connected to the campus network install all the latest security updates released by operating system manufacturers such as Apple, Microsoft, and the Linux variants.