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COVID-19: Cybersecurity



Cybersecurity Resources, Best Practices, and Alerts Relating To COVID-19 

COVID-19 Bruin Resources & Tools at ADMINVC Website

Although classes have temporarily transitioned to remote learning, campus remains open and research, health care, remote learning support and other business and operational support functions continue

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COVID-19 Scams: Phishing, Malware and Ransomware...

Campus IT Security will be providing relevant information and recommendations in order to assist users during the current COVID-19 crisis to ensure users have the necessary information they need to operate their work and home devices securely.

During the COVID-19 crisis the industry and in particular educational institutions have become targets of numerous cyber-attacks. Phishing attempts exploiting user’s curiosity for up-to-date and new information have been on the rise.

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UC Security Complaint Zoom Settings 

As part of the UCLA community, we are relying more and more on online meeting tools to conduct everyday business, it is important to be aware of minimum UC security standards that must be observed while working remotely. In compliance with UCLA policy and UC Security Standards, UCLA IT Security Office recommends taking steps to securely use Zoom while working and learning remotely.

See Zoom Secure Settings Webpage

Resources for Working Remotely

Relevant UC Policies and Standards 

UCLA policy and UC Security Standards apply to your device (personal or UC-owned) while working remotely. Please see:

Minimum Security Standards for Network Devices 

All devices connected to the UC Los Angeles network (personally or UC-owned) must comply with these UC Minimum Standard Security Requirements.

The university protects the privacy of faculty, students, and staff while working or participating in academic programs. Use of remote delivery software and technologies heightens the criticality of privacy and the need to use the least invasive means of engaging in these alternative methods of conducting our activities. Existing law and policy that address privacy remain in effect. Please see Guidance on Protecting Privacy and Data During Remote Working and Teaching Using Zoom while COVID-19 Modifications are in Effect.