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Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a security enhancement that requires two forms of verification when using your UCLA Logon and adds critical protection for your sign-on credentials. This reduces the risk of unauthorized users gaining access to user information and/or UCLA resources. UCLA has partnered with Duo to provide MFA capabilities. Duo can provide secure, second factor authentication via:

  • Duo Mobile App (iOS and Android)
  • Duo Security Hardware Token (passcode)
  • Duo Telephony via phone call or SMS messaging.
  • Third party security keys (e.g., YubiKey)

MFA is a requirement for UCLA Logon and provided by the Duo service at no cost to UCLA students, faculty, and staff when utilizing the Duo Mobile App. Local Duo implementations can also be provisioned to individual campus units at no additional cost. Telephony credits for local implementations can be purchased individually by respective campus owners. 


This service is provided at no cost to campus


  • Protection for your UCLA Logon ID
  • Secure, second factor authentication to help prevent unauthorized access
  • Variety of supported devices for second factor authentication challenge
  • Customizable within each department
  • Training and guidance available through the IT Security Office
  • Provided free of charge to all areas


MFA for UCLA SSO is managed and maintained by UCLA IT Services. Local implementations can be requested by campus unit IT managers.


MFA is a requirement when utilizing services behind UCLA Logon SSO. 

Getting Started

Visit Identity and Accounts Manager to manage device enrollment for MFA. Local implementations can get started by emailing