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1Password provides a secure, confidential password manager software application to store, retrieve, and manage complex passwords. Strong passwords are a critical defense against account misuse and data breach. Password management provided by 1Password simplifies the need to remember multiple, complex passwords by helping manage these logins through a unified application interface.

1Password password manager simplifies digital identities by securely storing and automating password creation and login for systems all across the Internet. The 1Password application allows portability of passwords to any platform, web, desktop, and mobile. The passwords sync in real-time on every device installed with 1Password and browser integration plug-ins make auto-retrieval a snap. 1Password is secured by the latest algorithms and does full encryption and decryption at the device level.


This service is provided at no cost to campus.


  • Convenience – No more forgotten or mis-typed passwords
  • Time Saved – Instantly log in to websites with auto-completion
  • Stronger Security – Long passwords that you don’t have to remember

Key Features

  • Securely store and manage all your passwords in one place
  • Auto-entry of passwords when integrated with the 1Password browser extension
  • 1Password can create new, strong passwords for you and store them automatically
  • Can auto-complete address and credit card forms securely.
  • Provided free of charge to all areas

How to get started with UCLA 1Password

The service is deployed in three varieties for UCLA: 

  1. 1Password Individual: You are a current UCLA Faculty, Student, and Staff and you would like to use 1Password: Sign-up here
  2. 1Password Team: You have signed up for a 1Password Individual account, and you would like your account to be able to create shared vaults and manage access to shared vaults for your team. Request Access
  3. 1Password Tenant (IT@UCLA): You are a distributed IT team and would like to offer, manage and support 1Password for your business units: Request Access

    UCLA offers a separate instance of 1Password with administrative features at no cost to distributed IT teams. Each IT unit will have complete control of its instance of the 1Password account. With customizable policies, secure password sharing, and comprehensive user management, 1Password offers the control IT needs and the convenience your users expect.

How to use UCLA 1Password

Sign-up for UCLA 1Password Account

If you are an individual or a team member, please sign-up and follow our onboarding checklist to get started with UCLA 1Password. You will be sent an email to confirm your UCLA email and create your 1Password account.  Please see 1Password getting started guides on how to start using 1Password.

to UCLA 1Password Account

You can use to sign in to UCLA 1Password. 

Personal use

You should not use your UCLA 1Password account to store personal, non-work, or non-school related information. You will lose access entirely if you leave or graduate from UCLA. Instead after registering your UCLA 1Password account, “Claim your free family account” and sign-up for 1password using your personal email so you can stay as safe at home as you are at work.Your family account remains free while you have an active UCLA 1Password account. Once you do not have an active UCLA 1Password account, you have the option to convert your free family account to a paid version. 

Sign in using your UCLA 1Password account and follow the instructions on how to redeem your free 1Password Families membership.


All Campus Units are provided this service.