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Antivirus Protection

The Internet is not a secure place for personal data and is a perfect place for criminals to hide. Cybercriminals are always finding new ways to use your computer as a resource or steal your information via viruses or other online malware. Antivirus protection is essential in safeguarding your private information and protecting your computer against malicious programs.

Antivirus Protection For Personal Devices

UCLA will retire the Sophos Antivirus product for campus on 10/28/21. If you are utilizing Sophos on any personally-owned machines, you will need to uninstall and switch products before this date to avoid a disruption in your antivirus protection. 

What to Know

  • After 10/28/21, your computer will no longer update your current version of Sophos. This can leave your device vulnerable to viruses and malware.
  • This retirement will affect the population of personally owned devices across UCLA that may be running the campus-licensed version of Sophos. 
  • Upon its expiration on 10/28/21, UCLA will no longer provide a university-funded antivirus solution for personal devices.

What to Do

Find more information about Antivirus protection for University-owned machines or personal devices used for business purposes, visit the FireEye Endpoint Security page.