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Patch Management (Ivanti)

Ivanti patch management delivers heterogeneous OS support for easy patch and remediation across multiple platforms. With Ivanti, you can identify and automatically patch all modern operations systems for both security and non-security vulnerabilities, third-party applications, and endpoint configurations – all within a single console.

Patch Management is the best first line of defense when it comes to endpoint security. Ivanti Endpoint Management and Security Suite (formerly HEAT/Patchlink) identifies and patches systems across heterogeneous OSes, configurations, and all major third party applications. Your servers, desktops, and laptops are equally protected across your entire organization.


This service is provided at no cost to campus.


  • Standardized, enterprise patch management
  • Support for all modern OSes including Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Training and guidance available through the IT Security Office
  • Provided free of charge to all areas

Key Features

  • Scanning via network-based authenticated and non-authenticated scanning
  • Virtual private scanners can be deployed to scan non-public IP space
  • Qualys Cloud Agent can be deployed on systems for additional efficacy in vulnerability assessment and easier tracking


All Campus Units are provided this service.



Getting Started

Email to get started.