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A data breach is an event in which an organization or individual has their data accessed unwillingly. This can happen accidentally but is usually done intentionally by a bad actor. Data theft then refers to the natural next step that follows a breach. Cyber criminals often use the stolen data to cause financial or even physical harm.


Data Breaches and Data Theft

According to Verizon, 71% of all data breaches are financially motivated


The human element was involved in 82% of all breaches analyzed over the past year.


There will be one ransomware attack every 11 seconds.


By 2025, cybercrime is estimated to cost $10 trillion every year.


Security Tactics

How to Identify Compromised Security

The following are common symptoms of a data breach. If you notice any of these on your devices, reach out to IT or your device provider for guidance:

  • Your anti-virus software alerts you to a potential problem 
  • Large amounts of storage disappear suddenly
  • Your device spontaneously reboots or shuts down
  • New or unknown files appear on your device
  • Pop-ups suddenly appear
  • Your device suddenly slows drastically
  • Unusual messages, sounds, or displays appear
  • The mouse pointer on a laptop moves by itself
  • Multiple files download, if you only expect a single file