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Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023


Welcome to the UCLA Cyber Awareness Month site! October is Cyber Awareness Month (CAM), which focuses on educating individuals and organizations across the country on how to secure their digital presence. In recognition of CAM, we will be sharing cybersecurity leading practices that will help you and the rest of the Bruin Community safeguard your most important information. We hope that with this knowledge and preparation, you can better secure your digital footprint and #SecureUCLA.

If you are a UCLA Health affiliated member, please visit the UCLA Health IT: Guide for Cybersecurity site for information related specifically to healthcare.


Our Themes:

Each week of October will be focused on a different cybersecurity theme that provides simple, but powerful, actions you can take to make your information more secure. Each tile below includes:

  • An overview of related cyber topics
  • Educational videos
  • Quick cyber tips

Click below to learn more.

Students using digital devices

Week 1: If You Connect It, Protect It

Understand the vulnerability of devices and your information online.

Young woman working late with her dog

Week 2: Secure Your Digital Home & Office

Secure your digital home and office to connect with confidence.

View Week Two Tips and Resources


A father and son use a tablet

Week 3: Secure Your Loved Ones

Help those around you to protect their data.

View Week Three Tips and Resources

Young woman working on her phone

Week 4: Be a Cyber Hero

Detect potential cyber threats and protect yourself and UCLA.

View Week Four Tips and Resources


If there are other topics you are interested in learning about, check out our OCISO web page.