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Windows 7 end-of-life/end-of-support date is January 14, 2020

Whether you still use and enjoy the Windows 7 operating system or not, the end-of-life date for that operating system arrives next week. Official support for Windows 7 from Microsoft ends on January 14, 2020.  What this means to you is that the continued use of the Windows 7 operating system will progressively become much less secure to use over time since security updates and patches will no longer be available.  Also, over time, other software vendors will cease to write software for the Windows 7 operating system – for example, Google plans to support the Chrome browser on Windows 7 for only about a year and a half.  After that, Chrome will no longer be supported on Windows 7.

Accordingly, beginning January 14, 2020, Duo will no longer support the installation of its products and integrations on the EOL Windows operating systems. Note that this end of support milestone does not mean that the Duo products or integrations will cease to function on the affected operating systems.

UC’s IS-3 policy Section 4.12 requires the use of operating systems that are supported by the vendor.  To review a summary of that policy, please refer to the following link:

This policy requires that all University users upgrade to a supported operating system (such as Windows 10) or remove any devices that are non-compliant from the University network.