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Fake Job Posting - UCLA Department of Psychology

UCLA Information Security Office is aware of UCLA students being targeted by fake job/internship scams. Be mindful of phishing emails that may be disguised as a job opportunity.

Review the following security advisories related to recent job scams at UCLA and stay secure.

Example Emails:


The Department of Psychology is pleased to notify you that you have been
chosen to serve as a research assistant based on an overall evaluation.
Your work as a research assistant will begin as soon as you gain access to
your office supplies.

Your employment and authorization to work as a research assistant for
Professor Andrew Christensen, a distinguished research professor in
the psychology department has been granted, and officially confirmed by
this email. Your qualifications are clear after a quick evaluation of your
resume we received. As a result, you can continue working on any assigned
tasks. Your offer letter correspondence ought to arrive shortly. Currently,
it is being processed.

During absences, leaves of absence, or when required, this position serves
as a temporary backup or relief for the supervisor, other administrative
divisions and departments within the Research and Development
organizational structure.

With the potential of reappointment based on your performance
and departmental funding, the position is valid for 15 weeks. The UCLA
payroll team will always get in touch with you each week for your
work compensation. You get paid $300 each week. If you have any concerns,
please get in touch with professor Andrew Christensen so that he can
respond to you as soon as possible, on timely manner. You've received


Hello, Attached is the paycheck to cover the expenses for the
office supplies and your first weekly pay. However, these supplies are for
your personal use to show gratitude for diligent work. Kindly proceed to
make a mobile deposit.

Instructions are outlined below on how to make a mobile deposit of your
check. Please print out and cut it to a ( check size/shape ) At the back of
your check endorse by writing your:

* Full name

* Mobile Deposit Only

* Your account number

* Sign.

Thank you.


Fraudulent phone numbers associated with this scam are as follows:

(213) 545-6807
(712) 581-0528
(213) 394-5781


Stay safe!

When in doubt, look for these signs, and use your best judgement. Verify the offer by contacting the company directly. Look them up online. Don’t use the number or email address from the email. Look for a contact in department website, call them and ask if this is a legitimate job offer.  

If you are interested in finding a student job at UCLA, consider searching for positions on UCLA Career Center powered by Handshake (link is external), or contacting a potential supervisor directly using their official UCLA email address and not from unsolicited sources.

What to Do if You Paid a Scammer 

No matter how you paid — debit or credit card, bank or wire transfer, gift card, or cash reload card — immediately contact the company you used to send the money, report the fraud, and ask to have the transaction reversed, if possible. For specific advice and tips on how to reverse different types of payments, read What to Do If You Were Scammed (link is external).

Report Job Scams 

If you lost money to a job scam, report it to UCLA Police Department (link is external) and the FTC at (link is external)