LastPass Premium for Individuals

UCLA is offering LastPass Premium an upgraded license with more features than LastPass Free, at no cost to all Students, Staff, and Faculty. Now managing your passwords is easy, whether you’re at school, work, home, or on the go.

Enroll in LastPass Premium

  • Get LastPass Premium 
  • Enter a valid UCLA email and the email address you’d like to use to request LastPass Premium.

    After you complete this request, an email from LastPass will be sent to your UCLA email with instructions and links to help you get started with LastPass Premium.

    -The email will prompt you to create a LastPass account, if you haven’t already. See the LastPass FAQ section for an explanation of the different scenarios you might encounter setting up LastPass Premium.
    -For step-by-step instructions, please refer to the IT Support Center Knowledge Base.
  • Getting Started With LastPass
  • Once you’ve completed your LastPass request and set up an account, you can start using LastPass to remember all of your passwords. For articles and videos to help you get started using LastPass and all of its helpful features, please visit the LastPass Support Page.
  • LastPass Enrollment and Maintenance Support
  • Support for LastPass Premium is provided completely through LastPass. If any issues arise, please search the LastPass Knowledge Center or submit a support ticket to LastPass.
  • Protect Your Passwords with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
  • The UCLA IT Security Office highly recommends putting all of your credentials in LastPass behind MFA. If you store all your passwords in LastPass without MFA and your master password is compromised, ALL of your passwords are compromised. Any Multi-Factor Authentication protection is better than none, although DUO is recommended. DUO, and many other MFA options, link directly and easily with LastPass.

    For DUO you’ll need to first sign up for your own free personal DUO account. Then you will configure your LastPass account with the free personal DUO account you just created. Detailed instructions can be found through DUO: